Year: 2021

Software Engineer Team Business Consultant – IT Roles with No Software Programming/Coding Tasks

Objective: Not all Information Technology (IT) involves software programming, engineering, development, or coding. Better said, most roles or jobs in IT are called non-programmers, BUT ALL IT Roles need to know the software architecture (Full-Stack software solution); the higher-level structure of software development; more importantly the flow and stages of data in the multi-tier/multi-layer software […]

Jewish Family & Career Services – MOSAIC Award Recipient – Di Tran – Founder of Louisville Institute of Technology – Focus in Community Serving – 05-20-2021

Jewish Family & Career Services is proud to honor our MOSAIC Award recipients. These five individuals who call Louisville home have made significant contributions in their professions and our community. To date, JFCS has recognized almost 70 refugees, immigrants, and first-generation Americans who make our community richer and stronger for their work. We are excited to have […]

LBF – Louisville Institute of Technology takes a new approach in tech talent development – 05-19-2021

Back in 2006, Di Tran graduated from the University of Louisville with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a two-year internship at UPS on his resume. But he couldn’t land a job for six months. Years later, as a top-level software engineer at Humana, Tran understood the challenge that employers were facing with new […]

Di Tran, LIT founder Letter to the prospect of LIT True Work-Ready Full-Stack Software Engineer Apprenticeship

Welcome to the New American Business Association Inc (NABA) – IT Intern / Louisville Institute of Technology (LIT) Apprenticeship Program. If you are looking for a paid internship/apprenticeship, this is not it, but if you want to become a REAL software programmer and be ready for applying REAL entry-level and junior software engineer/programmer position instead […]

Press Release: Editor, The Louisville Courier Journal – Louisville Institute of Technology – 03-10-2021

To:                  Editor, The Louisville Courier Journal Date:               March 10, 2021 The leaders of Kentucky’s public community colleges raised an important and timely issue (“Will you be ready to go to work…” CJ, 3.8.2021) regarding the resources and support necessary to put Kentuckians back to work as the restrictions from the pandemic abate. The gap […]

What is a LIT True Work-Ready Full Stack Software Engineer?

Objective This article is about the definition, the application, and the importance of Louisville Institute of Technology (LIT) one core program, True Work-Ready Full Stack Software Engineer.  Key Terms: Break down the “True Work-Ready Full Stack Software Engineer” True Work-Ready LIT’s definition for work-ready means, the IT professional is equipped enough and capable of initiating […]

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