The LIT Full-Stack Software Developer Apprenticeship

The LIT Full-Stack Software Developer Apprenticeship

  • Come be part of a learning-by-doing experience that replicates the work and software development environment of an enterprise-level Information Technology division.
  • Begin mapping SQL database fields and designing customized reports as a member of a high-functioning programming team in a mentored and coached learning environment.
  • Contribute your creativity and technical skills to a multi-tiered, cloud-based IT application.
  • Gain new coding and computer sciences competencies through applied, real-time encounters with organizational problems that require IT-based remedies.
  • Acquire knowledge and valuable competencies through in-person and on-line synchronous and asynchronous instructional modalities
  • Assemble and package a professional portfolio of computer engineering achievements that are represented by your LIT “I Have Done It™” badge.

Sounds like the learning experience you have been looking for?  It is the Full-Stack Software Developer Apprenticeship. And it is available exclusively through the Louisville Institute of Technology: LIT, Inc.

The LIT Full-Stack Software Developer Apprenticeship (FSDA) means being part of a group or team that supports each other’s success to achieve organizational goals through the application of Information Technology. Parallel to what happens in the workplace.  Professionals in the software developer community support each other not only by sharing technical knowledge, but with motivation, emotional energy, and accountability for daily progress. In real life, engineers work in a team, not individually. LIT apprentices get exactly that.

This is not a coding bootcamp. It is 100% online true work-ready on day one IT Professional development program. This is a full immersion in the intense and exciting IT software development work environment, with access to coaching and mentoring to assure your success in each project and technical requirement

Program Summary

Technical and curriculum components of the LIT Full-Stack Software Developer Apprenticeship (FSDA):

  • Full self-build of end-to-end MULTI-TIER Enterprise Ready and easily scalable applications – End to End Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) experience
  • Technology Includes:
    • Web-based Applications
      • React.JS Web Front-End (JavaScript + CSS + HTML5)
      • Microsoft .NET Core 3.1 
      • Cloud-Ready Web API 
      • Azure Fully Managed App Service Hosting
      • Azure Fully Managed SQL
      • Azure DevOps
        • GitHub/Azure Git – Source Code Version Control 
        • Teamwork-log management/collaboration
        • Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CICD) Pipeline
        • CICD Pipeline with Unit Test Automation integrated
        • CICD Pipeline with Web API Test Automation Integrated
      • Selenium Web Front End Test Automation Integrated
    • Window-base Applications:
      • Console Application – Window Service Application/Process
      • Window Presentation Foundation (WPF)
      • Log to Text File (.txt)
      • Write to Excel Spreadsheet (.xls)
      • Write to local SQL Server Compact
      • Write to local Microsoft Access 
      • Write to Azure Cloud SQL 
    • Development/Interaction/Collaboration Tools:
      • Google Meet and calendar
      • Visual Studio (VS) 2019 – Hands-on troubleshoot/debug
      • SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
      • Postman – Web API Developer Test Tool
      • Google Chrome – Inspect Debugging – Hands-on troubleshoot/debug
    • Security
      • Azure Cloud Security for Web API – using Virtual Network (VNet) and Private IP
      • Azure Token-based Web API setup
    • Architecture Documentation
      • Solution Architecture Document (SAD)
      • Solution Architecture Presentation – PowerPoint
      • Solution Architecture Diagrams – PowerPoint + MS Visio
  • Earn the LIT I-HAVE-DONE-IT™ badge for full-stack Microsoft Development Technologies

Next Cohort Start: Anytime. Including Today!

Begin your apprenticeship as an LIT Full-Stack Software Developer when you can commit to 6-8-hour days, five days a week for the next 12 – 13 weeks. You will join a group of new LIT FSD apprentices and jump right in with your first assignment online, requiring you to begin building computer code.

Tuition / Cost

Program Fee: $7,500 

Scholarship: $7000 from New American Business Association Inc and Louisville Fund A Student Foundation –  Reserved for those who are qualified, often had exhausted other options

Additional Scholarship: $200 from Louisville Institute of Technology during Covid19 Pandemic 2020-2021 – Reserved for those who are qualified, often had exhausted other options

Your Cost: $300 , which can be paid in 3 payments of $100/month

Louisville Institute Technology - $300 Fee Only


The LIT Full-Stack Software Developer Apprenticeship (FSDA) condenses 6 to 12 months of classroom training into a three-month intensive and immersive program. The successful apprentice must make a a fulltime commitment of 6-8 hours day doing and learning coding, researching client needs and software engineering best practices, collaborating with cohorts and communicating effectively: exactly like the real-life development environment!


The LIT Full-Stack Software Developer Apprenticeship (FSDA) is a virtual/online with direct support, team gathering and collaboration at Louisville Institute Technology branch campuses.

Is This For You?

The LIT Full-Stack Software Developer Apprenticeship (FSDA) is ideal for individuals who identify as: 

Career Launchers: Early career professionals seeking the ability to master the full enterprise-level Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Career Builders: Professionals ready to build on existing skills and advance to the next level. Examples: entry-level to junior developer; junior to senior level; senior level to lead engineer. Fortify your achievements in software programing, design, and integration and earn a true work-ready enterprise level I-Have-Done-IT certificate.

Career Switchers: Mid- or later career professionals looking to switch into software development from another field, such as marketing, sales, operations, or other fields where design, creativity and understanding of the enterprise is fundamental.

Pre-requisites for the LIT Full-Stack Software Developer Apprenticeship (FSDA) is a basic understanding of computer systems and software, and knowledge of at least one programming language. LIT also offers a computer programming introduction track with mentoring and coaching resources available upon request. 

The LIT “I-Have-Done-IT™” Certificate of Completion

The certificate is trademarked and reserved for only those who have developed a truly functional application, in this case based on Microsoft Full-Stack Multi-Tier Software hosted in the cloud.

Career Preparation and Support

Stepping into a career in software and web development requires a variety of skills, both hard and soft. The LIT Full-Stack Software Developer Apprenticeship (FSDA) provides guidance for navigating a career path into Information Technology. It demonstrates best practices of an effective pitch in the interview room. It pushes you to develop communication skills used by real IT practitioners, team leaders, and software architects: professionals who also recruit real IT talent.

The LIT Full-Stack Software Developer Apprenticeship (FSDA) goes beyond the typical instructor-led classrooms, reading materials and periodic exams. The apprentices learn through team collaboration, knowledge sharing, collaborative research, team problem solving and individual creation of multi-tier applications that have been tested for deployment. Apprentices will be interviewed daily, questioned, challenged, and tested. Those who successfully complete the apprenticeship will be fully rounded and work-ready on their first day of employment.

The career preparation elements of the LIT Full-Stack Software Developer Apprenticeship (FSDA) include:

  • Mindset building
  • Real-life IT team daily expectation and accountability
  • Real-life IT team software development
  • IT Knowledge seeking and on-going learning
  • Crafting your elevator pitch to business and technical leader
  • Interview tips and preparation
  • Social Media profile tips
  • Resumes/cover letter development, polishing and customizing

The apprenticeship offers tangible career exercises focused on launching a career as a developer, including:

  • Building your personal brand and promoting your skills
  • Communicating technical concepts to non-technical colleagues
  • Understanding the roles and workflow of Agile development
  • Reflecting on your skills to learn how to troubleshoot and learn more quickly
  • Job search and interviewing for developer or IT business consultants positions

Take Away

  • Four working and fully functional Microsoft Full-Stack, cloud-based applications
  • GitHub Code Repository for self-built Four Applications
  • Software Engineer/Architect Documentation (Small Version of Solution Architect Document – SAD)
  • Confidence as a Real Self-Built IT Professional Who Have Built Real Enterprise Applications
  • Cloud (Azure or AWS) User, Cloud Solution Implementer and Cloud Solution Deployer Experience
  • IT professional experience – You will be able to share what you have built not what you know

Full-Stack Software Developer Market Salary

Those who complete the LIT Full-Stack Software Developer Apprenticeship will better compete for positions in industry, government and community services that demand work-ready full-stack software development experience. According to wage data for the United States, the average annual compensation for full-stack enterprise software developers is about $75K.

We are the LIT Full-Stack Software Developer Apprenticeship (FSDA)

The LIT Full-Stack Software Developer Apprenticeship
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